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Welcome to East Los Angeles, we are the Akira Project...and this is our story

well, it kind of started back in 1998, when Robert and I decided to start up a band. We didn't exactly know what we wanted to do, we just wanted to play something different from what was going on in the local scene. We tried out a few people, but it didnt work out. So we kind of left it alone for a while. It wasnt until around early 2000 when Robert introduced me to Mark. I eventually asked Mark to join the band, and so he did. But we were still without a drummer. So I asked Louie if he'd fill in on drums while we looked around for a permanent drummer. but after a while it just clicked and that's how we got together.

but we remember back in the day, when bands like Teenage Rage, Union, Fallout, No Priority, Ridicule, Dysfunction, 5th District, and others were out there every weekend tearing apart backyards......back then, it was all about having a good time and being true to yourself. but times have changed, there are only a few out there who strive for a better tomorrow for not just us but others as well. and as long as we breathe, we wont stop fighting. together, forever. 'til the end.....

this band is a culmination of everything that has happened in our lives. this is a remembrance of who we are, and where we came from......

Akira Project is:

Robert Bustos - lead guitar and vocals
Louie Garcia - drums
Cristian Rocha - vocals
Carlos Medina - rhythm guitar
Marcos Schofield - bass