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Hardcore from the East side of Los Angeles...

::Thursday October 9th, 2003::

What the f*ck is up?!?!? it's been a while since anyone has said anything in here. So I wanna let the people know what's up. Well, we're gonna record within the next month or so, and we got some shows coming up. I know people talk and i've been hearing some stuff like, "Look Ahead has dropped off the face of the earth" or "those foos are gone". f*ck that, we're still here. alive and kicking. let it be known, that this time around, we ain't taking no shit. straight up. to those who still support...mad props to you. see you in the pit. lates.
Cris Ahead

Sunday October 26th - "CD Warehouse" 6338 Laurel Canyon Blvd. in North Hollywood, CA - w/ Terminal Holocaust, Stand Against, More to Pride, plus more - all ages, free show, starts at 2pm, ends at 8pm

Saturday November 1st - 2749 S. Orange Dr. in South Central - w/ Outrank, Opposition, Shrapnel, plus more - $3, 7pm

new site will be up soon....peace.

Make Move - Area323 - TEST

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