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I see that girl...
All that remains of the day
the soul will bleed away,
as all the red fills up her dying eyes.
You're killing what they love
every day
all over this messed up world.
And there's no end to the tragedy,
will I ever get to hold you?

Even childhood heroes die,
in the end they become a bore.
the passionate violence
will I ever live like I did before

And I ask myself how it got this point.
Where beautiful children have to cry in vain
for the death of a hero
who once saved the day.
Let's get out of this place and into the light of what remains today
in hope to secure that the memory remains.


all of our hearts still bleed
and then we find our heaven
While you reach into the deep
forget the lives
that we pray for
Speak unto me
let me feel you
inside me
be my lonely angel
and take my life away

You're killing what they love,
God's killing me so softly,
cause he never really cared.

Just close your eyes,
your beauty leaves me breathless,
dream of a better existence with you.

The girl in red is all I see,
and it's the visions of happiness that keep my mind flowing.
Though life isn't always what it seems.

Look the other way,
I still see the crystal tears streaming down her pretty face.
the thing called boredom has killed us all.

God has killed us all
it was the vision of hope
that made us die
regret our very existence.



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